Ulysses (Happy Birthday, James Joyce!)  Dear reader,       I am quoting some random, but in my humble opinion, rather poetic expressions from ‘Ulysses’ that form, when put together, a very nice poem. James Joyce was undoubtedly a very good poet! In this poem, however, the originality lies more in the obviousness of the hidden poetic […]


“This work (in full or in part) may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the author, Katerina Michouli.” © 2013 Katerina Michouli at 19:45 (Greece’s time zone) – Florina, 21.08.’13, GR Taphophobia – Ταφοφοβία Burrowers were digging up the past, the one that I tried so diligently to hide from […]