Katerina Aber -Aprile 2008Katerina Aber - April 2008Katerina Aber 030Katerina Aber - Abril 2008Katerina's Aber - My lovely- loverly Aberystwyth, April 2008Kat's Aber- Old College 2008Kat's Aber- Coloured housesKat's Aber- View from the art centre- 2008Kat's Aber- 'Piazza'-lower level café-2008Kat's (Aber) little path -2008Kat's Aber - Beautiful houses on the way back to hall - 2008Kat's Aber - Beautiful houses II on the way back to hallsKat's Aber - By the little port of Aber (2008)Kat's Aber - A beautiful tree :)Kat's Aber-m National Library of WalesKat's Aber, A beautiful view- 2008Kat's Aber (2008) A beautiful view iiOld CollegeKaterina Aber 088 2008Aber 2004Saint Michael's church; Aber 2004Kat's AberThe remains of the old town in Aber 2004Retaken a photo from my photo album, Kat's AberK loves Aber