Poetry publication

2020 My poem Έρωτας was published by “PAUSE Artmag”, online. Published on November 27th.

2020 My poem “Ξελογιάστρα αθωώτητα” was published by “PAUSE Artmag”, online. Published on November 16th.

2020 My poem Του χρόνου τα παθήματα was published by PAUSE Artmag”, online. Published on October 11th.

2020 My poem “Wildlife” was published by “PAUSE Artmag“, online. Published on September 28th.

2020 My poem “Fitting room” was also published by “PAUSE ArtMag“, online. Published on August 11th.

2020 My poem “Fitting room” was published by “PRAXIS” magazine, online. Published on August 5th.

Screenshot_2020-08-05 Fitting Room by Katerina Michouli Praxis Magazine for Arts Literature

2020 A short tale of mine “The little moon bear – A very short tale!was published on “PAUSE artmag”, online. Published on July 25th.

Screenshot_2020-07-28 Katerina Michouli The little moon bear – A very short tale

2020 My poem an “Unbearable feeling” was published on “PAUSE“, online magazine. Published on June 4th.

Screenshot_2020-07-28 An unbearable feeling Katerina Michouli

21/09/2016    International Peace Day

My poem “Peace” was published on Praxis Magazine Online – Peace Poem 2016: A collaborative poem comprised of more than 250 segments contributed by #poetsforpeace from around the world.”



“This collective effort will be archived in the ‘Stanford University Archive’ of the ‘100,000 Poets for Change’ collection!”

Today, Friday 8th June, 2012, I have been ‘baptised’ a poetess, in the name of the 21st issue, of the poetry competition: “Significar per Rime” organised by “Simona Orlandi”, Cultural Association & Municipality of S.Donato, Milan-Italy.